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Average Height in Asia

Average Height in Asia

In Asia, average heights vary significantly across regions due to diverse genetic backgrounds, nutritional habits, and socioeconomic factors. Generally, East Asian populations, such as those in Japan, South Korea, and China, tend to have relatively shorter average heights compared to their counterparts in South Asia or Southeast Asia. For instance, the average height in East Asian countries often ranges from 160 to 170 centimeters for males and slightly lower for females. Factors like traditional diets rich in rice and vegetables, along with genetic predispositions, contribute to this trend. However, in rapidly developing urban centers, improvements in healthcare and nutrition are gradually impacting average heights, with younger generations often surpassing their predecessors due to better access to quality food and healthcare facilities.


Conversely, countries in South Asia, such as India and Pakistan, exhibit a broader range of average heights due to significant socioeconomic disparities and diverse dietary practices. While urban populations generally have taller averages, with heights ranging from 165 to 175 centimeters for males, rural areas may still see lower averages, with heights often ranging from 155 to 165 centimeters, due to limited access to healthcare and poor nutritional intake. Overall, understanding the nuances of average heights in Asia underscores the complex interplay of genetics, culture, and socioeconomic factors shaping human physical stature across the continent.



Average Height of Asian Countries

Here is a table where we listed the average heights of every single Asian country:


CountriesAverage Height for MenAverage Height for Women
China175cm / 5ft 8inc163 cm / 5ft 4inc
India166cm / 5ft 5inc155cm / 5ft 1inc
Indonesia166cm / 5ft 5inc154cm / 5ft 1inc
Pakistan167cm / 5ft 5inc154cm / 5ft 0inc
Japan172cm / 5ft 7inc158cm / 5ft 2inc
East Timor160cm / 5ft 2inc153cm / 5ft 2inc
Turkey176cm / 5ft 9inc161cm / 5ft 3inc
Uzbekistan174cm / 5ft 8inc161cm / 5ft 3inc
Iran175cm / 5ft 8inc161cm / 5ft 3inc
Saudi Arabia170cm / 5ft 7inc158cm / 5ft 2inc
Singapore173cm / 5ft 8inc161cm / 5ft 3inc
Vietnam168cm / 5ft 6inc158cm / 5ft 2inc
Taiwan173cm / 5ft 8inc160 cm 5ft 2inc
Qatar173cm / 5ft 8inc160 cm 5ft 2inc
Thailand171cm / 5ft 7inc159cm / 5ft 2inc
Yemen163cm / 5ft 4inc154cm / 5ft 0inc
Philippines165 cm 5ft 5inc154 cm 5ft 0inc
Malaysia168cm / 5ft 6inc157cm / 5ft 1inc


A closer look of the table will reveal that nations that are located on the same continent have average heights that are considerably different from one another. This is due to the fact that the living standards of each nation are quite diverse from one another, as was discussed previously. Additionally, the degrees of development of nations have an impact on the health structure of the population, which in turn results in the formation of the average heights at this moment in time. It is thus possible to deduce the typical height of people in Asia based on this background.


Average Height in Korea

East Asian country Korea is well known for being taller than most other Asian countries. Traditional art forms like Dansaekhwa and the worldwide cultural influence of K-pop stars like BTS and BLACKPINK are two examples of Korea's rich cultural heritage. South Korea's average height roughly resembles the worldwide average in terms of stature. 

The average height of men in South Korea is 176 cm, which is comparable to the average height of men globally. The average height of South Korean women is 163.2 cm, which is 0.3 cm shorter than the average height of all women worldwide. Interestingly, a 2014 research revealed that Korean men and women had experienced extraordinary growth spurts over the last century, attaining around 15 cm (5.9 inches) and 20 cm (7.8 inches), respectively. Throughout the previous 100 years, this growth rate is regarded as one of the most important globally.


Average Height in China

Based on comprehensive study conducted in 2023, the average height of men and women in China is 171.8 and 159.7 cm, respectively, with increases of 11 and 10 cm over the previous century. This is because individuals in Chinese culture have been more preoccupied with height in recent years, and they have been attempting to become taller in a variety of ways. The majority of Chinese people began to attempt new sports and workouts, as well as eating very healthily. Even Chinese children are concerned about their height and seek to grow taller. One of the many possible explanations for the rise in average height among Chinese people is the mandatory gymnastic exercises that students must do between courses for their health in China. 


China's average male height is 8.2 cm and its average female height is 7.3 cm less than that of Europe, which has the greatest average height of any continent. You may also read our article on the Average Height in Europe.


Average Height in Vietnam

Vietnam is a country in Southeast Asia that is more famous for its magnificent natural scenery than for the greatness of its people. Vietnamese women are generally 158.4 cm (5 feet 2.4 inches) tall, while Vietnamese males are normally 168.9 cm (5 feet 5.4 inches) tall. Comparatively, males in the Philippines, the seventh shortest country in the world, average 165.2 cm (5 feet 5 inches), which is 3.7 cm shorter than men in Vietnam. Filipino women are 4.3 cm shorter than Vietnamese women, with an average height of 154.1 cm (5 feet 0.6 inches).


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What is the average height of an Asian male?

It is challenging to establish a single average height for the whole continent of Asia since the statistics on average heights vary by nation within the continent and may be impacted by a variety of variables such as socioeconomic level, health, and nutrition. 


What is the average height for a woman in Asia?

Because the average heights of people in various countries within Asia are different from one another and may also be affected by a variety of circumstances, it is not feasible to establish a single average value.


What is the average height in Asia?

It is difficult to offer an accurate estimate owing to the enormous number of nations that are located on the Asian continent, despite the fact that this is a subject that is asked somewhat regularly. While the average height of women in South Korea is 163.2 centimeters, the average height of males in South Korea is 176 centimeters, making it the highest average male height in Asia.