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Can You Run After Leg Lengthening Surgery? A Detailed Explanation

Can You Run After Leg Lengthening Surgery? A Detailed Explanation

When it comes to stature lengthening surgery, one of the concerns that we frequently hear is, "Are you able to run after the procedure?" To our great relief, the answer is yes. Following the completion of this surgical procedure, you will be able to engage in a wide variety of physical activities, including running, without any restrictions. Through the course of this article, we are going to discuss the process of healing, what you can anticipate in terms of restrictions, and how you may safely return to activities such as running that need a great deal of energy and power.


  • Surgery and Lengthening Process

During limb lengthening surgery, we make use of your body's incredible capacity to grow new bone. Osteotomy is the first stage in the process. Here, the bone that has to be lengthened is sliced by the orthopedic surgeon. Subsequently, they utilize devices, either internal or external to the body, to maintain the stability of the bone.


Let's now discuss recuperation. There are two primary sections to it. The period of distraction comes first. At this point, the sliced bone is gradually separated. Like magic, every day we create a little 1 mm gap to encourage the growth of new bone in that area. Imagine being able to grow up to 8 cm of new bone in just 80 days! It won't be all waiting, though; you'll also be engaging in exercises and physical therapy to strengthen and improve the flexibility of your legs. Your soft tissues and muscles will also benefit from this as they adjust to your increased length.

Physical treatment is of utmost importance. It's what aids in the restoration of your balance, strength, and flexibility. These are all essential for you to resume your jogging. You can gradually return to running if you're well and strong. However, start out slowly; try walking or using an elliptical trainer first. Always ask your surgeon or physical therapist how to safely resume jogging after surgery.


  • Bone Consolidation and Recovery

We will move on to the consolidation step once you have successfully obtained your new length. The new bone will become strong and firm at this point, and it will be ready to participate in your regular activities. You will be able to carry out the majority of your typical tasks without feeling too burdened at this period. Simple and extremely beneficial to your health, walking is an excellent kind of exercise to begin with.


  • Full Recovery and Returning to Running

After the bone has completely solidified, you are ready to resume your usual activity levels and resume your normal routine. It often takes between nine and twelve months after surgery on the femur or tibia before you are able to resume activities that require a high level of performance, such as doing things like jogging, leaping, or lifting weights. Remember, however, that your physician must first give the go-ahead for the procedure.


  • Potential Limitations and Precautions:

After they have fully recovered from their height enhancement operation, the majority of our patients are able to run exactly as they did before they had the procedure. However, it is essential to be aware that the path that each individual travels is somewhat unique. There is a possibility that you will discover that your endurance is not as it used to be, that you will run a little bit slower, or that you may even realize that your walking technique has altered a little bit. That is very natural. Being patient with yourself and paying attention to what your body is trying to tell you is the most important thing. In order to address any problems that may occur, you may require more physical therapy or, in extremely unusual circumstances, another surgical procedure.


The following are some suggestions that might help reduce the likelihood of damage and prevent any potential complications:


  • Enhance both the intensity and the duration of your runs in a consistent manner.
  • Put on footwear that is suitable for the occasion and provides sufficient support and cushioning.
  • Become familiar with the correct running form and technique.
  • Overtraining should be avoided, and sufficient recuperation time should be allowed between runs.
  • In order to address any concerns or problems, it is important to maintain continuous communication with your healthcare team.


After you have completed these steps and taken care of yourself, you will be able to resume enjoying your runs, and you will also have the added benefit of reaching a new height! The most important thing to keep in mind is that safety comes first.


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