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Confidence from Approaching the Height We Desire

Confidence from Approaching the Height We Desire

Lengthening surgeries open a new page in life

Lengthening surgeries are performed in various countries around the world, especially in the USA, England, Italy, Spain, Germany, South Korea, India and Turkey. These surgeries were first performed by Dr. It was developed by Gavril Ilizarov on Russian soldiers returning from the Second World War. While the bones were lengthened by attaching an external device to the leg at that time, the working principle of this method was changed over time. Thanks to the developing high technology and the increase in the experience of the physicians, a certain amount of bone lengthening was achieved per day with the help of special screws inserted into the bone instead of external devices, and the success rate increased even more. This increased the interest and demand for surgery.

Although surgery is performed for structural and aesthetic purposes in patients who apply to surgical clinics for lengthening, it is possible to observe how similar the problems they experience in daily life are. Troubles starting at school from childhood and psychological problems caused by shortness in childhood and adolescence negatively affect personality development and lead to a lack of self-confidence. Although not in primary school, during his long education life afterwards, there are many examples such as being mocked by his friends due to his shortness, having difficulty in making friends of the opposite sex, not touching the ground during school, difficulties in public transportation, problems in grocery shopping, and having trouble due to being short when sitting in the hairdresser’s chair. explainable. The fact that lengthening surgery is a long treatment process, it requires patience and endurance, the support of family members, and the financial means are among the most important issues in this process. However, the psychological problems in daily life, the constant mentioning of this brevity in the society, and being the subject of ridicule make it easier for young people to take the decision of surgery.

After deciding on the lengthening surgery, it’s time for the research phase. In this research process, many factors such as the hospital being full-fledged, the number of surgeries performed by the physician, the importance given to infection control in the hospital, the possibilities of physical therapy, the ability to receive psychological support when necessary, and post-operative care should be taken into consideration. After choosing a physician, talking to patients who have recovered after lengthening surgery and listening to their experiences has a moral and motivational boosting effect for patients. It is very difficult to get through this process alone. There is no problem in the management of the pain that will occur with appropriate treatments by the physicians. However, the support of family members who will give morale to the patient during the long treatment process is very important. Otherwise, it can be frustrating to be constantly in the processes of heightening and to be away from daily routines. The presence of people who will increase morale and motivation, even in the hospital room, is of great importance.

Problems in social life has led to lengthening

Since very early ages, most of the families compare their children in terms of psychological development, character and physical characteristics, and when they reach school age, they compare their children for school success and active success in social life. These comparisons cause deep wounds in children and young people who have shortness problems. When factors in the outside world, the opinions and evaluations of other people, even teachers, are added to this, portraits of people with lost self-confidence, unhappy and hopeless for the future emerge. Even in the most developed countries of the world, the problems of people with shortness are very similar. This approach, which marginalizes those who are not like him, can be overcome with education today, but young people do not want to be known in society for their shortness. Successes in lengthening surgeries also cause people with this problem to enter the surgical treatment process and decide on surgery. After the lengthening surgery, reaching the desired goal makes the patients happy, and many say that the troubles they experienced in the past were worth it.

Shortness can also create negativity in business life.

Tall women and tall men are more respected in society, and their image can be more impressive in business life compared to short men. When this image is supported with self-confidence, it makes it easier to reach better positions in business life. For a very long time, starting from school age, the most challenging tasks are given to tall people. While short people are perceived as only disadvantaged when they enter an environment, tall people attract more attention. Tall people, who make a more impressive impression, especially in business life, are also met at a higher level in terms of social status.

The issue does not end only with business life. Because short people are used to being ridiculed and left behind because of their shortness, they try to stay in the background due to lack of self-confidence in social life. When they are attracted to the opposite sex, their shortness appears again. After all these, when the person gets the self-confidence after the lengthening surgery is done, a new page opens in both his social, business and private life. With taller growth, a person can develop healthier relationships in his private life, appear stronger and attractive by the opposite sex, and create a sense of self-confidence. This enables the person to be a more successful individual in his private life, social environment and business world.

After the lengthening process is completed and the person returns to his daily life, the process of returning to normal life begins. It gives morale to start by removing the clothes in the old wardrobe. Buying new clothes and appearing in front of people with a new image must be the greatest happiness. It is also enjoyable to get rid of going to the tailor every time you buy a new outfit. In this process of starting a normal life, it is more important than ever to maintain the ideal weight. Since making regular sports a habit will strengthen bones and tissues, it is necessary to never give up on sports. It is also very useful to do walking exercises to make your gait smoother by standing in front of the mirror. You can also decide on the type of sport you will do in consultation with your doctor. Focusing on a type of sport you will do regularly will also be a very good step towards improving your health.