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How much is limb lengthening surgery in Turkey?

How much is limb lengthening surgery in Turkey?

To go into more detail, the prices of aesthetic operations, particularly lengthening surgeries in Turkey are lower than the prices of all other competitors offering an equal level of quality. However, these lower prices do not bring lower quality; on the contrary, it allows you to find significantly more experienced doctors and high-tech equipment.

1. Limb Lengthening
The term limb lengthening surgery is used for extending the certain parts of the body through some certain procedures. Lengthening operations may have many goals from your length to the congenital deformity. Regardless of the motivation for the surgery, the results are offering typically much greater sense of confidence about the patient’s body.

2. What is a limb lengthening surgery?
In terms of height extension surgeries, which is also referred as “cosmetic Leg Lengthening” is done by opening up the bone with the help of high-tech devices. These devices open gaps in the bone every day with the help of it's nails inside the bone by 1 millimeter. As the bone heals itself and fills these opened gaps, the lengthening completes every day. Matter of fact that is a controlled fracture and healing of the bone which makes it quite natural process.

3. By how many centimeters can legs be lengthened?
The lengthening amounts differ according to your method of choice. For LON method, you can extend up to 10 cm from the femur and 7-8 cm from the tibia. For Precise 2, the safe limits are 7 cm from the femur and 7 cm from the tibia due to technical limitations of the fixator.

4. The intramedullary nailing technique: the most commonly used lengthening method
The Precice 2 method is an internal fixation method that uses a titanium nail inserted inside the bone. Lengthening is done by a magnet device that moves the fixator inside the bone. During the lengthening phase, patients usually require a carer and bound to a wheelchair since this method does not allow the patient to give load to their legs. Regular exercise and physical therapy is also a must on this method. This method offers the minimum pain, scars and most comfortable lengthening process.

5. Treatment Steps For Limb Lengthening Surgery

These are the steps of getting taller with FixTheHeight:

• The WhatsApp contact and Video Calls to meet the Doctor
FixTheHeight offers a very experienced team on their WhatsApp line about limb lengthening surgeries. If you are interested after talking to them, they also offer a free of charge video call with your doctor.

• The pricing, planning and scheduling
Do not forget to ask for discounts and make sure your schedule fits the amount of the lengthening you want to achieve. If you plan to accommodate in Turkey during the lengthening procedure, you must plan everything according to your aim of height in centimeters (cm). Since 1 cm takes 10 days, please make your plans accordingly.

• Arrival to Turkey and Accommodations
You will be welcomed with a VIP shuttle from the airport and you will be placed to your hotel or directly to the hospital according to your pre-determined surgery day.

• Preliminary Tests and the Surgery
While waiting for your surgery in the hospital, you will be frequently visited by nurses and doctors to be taken into preliminary tests such as x-rays, blood tests, height and weight measurements, and other tests if asked by your lengthening doctor. If all of your preliminary tests show that you are fit for having this surgery, the exact time of the surgery will be given and the waiting period will start.
Your Lengthening doctor will visit you at least 1 hour before the Surgery and you will be given your first anesthesia. Since lengthening surgery goes under general anesthesia, you will be expected to fall asleep completely before the surgery. Also, you should not eat or drink anything at least 8 hours before the surgery. The surgery will take approximately 2-5 hours depending on the patient. The Surgery is done by placing the lengthening device into your legs.

• Resting period and day by day implementation of extension
Surgery is done and you were carried to your bed in your hospital room where you will be staying for at least 5 days. This period can be increased by your doctor if it's seen as necessary. You will be sore and dizzy because of the given anesthesia. This will help you get some sleep and rest. After waking up and starting to feel that the anesthesia is going, you might feel psychologically upset and confused. You will be given painkillers frequently according to your pain threshold. Your doctor will be visiting you frequently as well post-surgery. There are some other topics starting from your needs to talk about.

The lengthening period starts 7 days after the surgery. On the first lengthening day the patient is being taught how to execute the lengthening. For the LON method, the screwdriver-like stick is put in the fixators and it requires a few spins each day to open up the bone and start the lengthening. For precise 2, there is a remote magnet device that implements the lengthening. Each day, the patient grows 1 millimeter so in 10 days 1 centimeter of lengthening is achieved. For example, if your aim is 8 cm growth, it would take at least 90 days (3 months) to complete including the resting period after the surgery.

• Physical Therapy, Recovery and Results
We must underline that physical therapy has a huge role during and after the lengthening. Your leg muscles will be sore due to not using them. Thus, you have to do some exercises with the leadership of a professional physical therapist. In most cases, at least 4 days of physical therapy in a week with a session is recommended to the patient by the doctors. FixTheHeight, provides the best physical therapists both at your hotel and hospital stay. If you choose to have surgery and leave Turkey to continue lengthening in your home country, you are expected to find an experienced physical therapist where you live. The physical therapist you found must be always in touch with their therapists throughout the process.

6. Risks of lengthening the Legs
Like with most surgical treatments, there are dangers associated with the operations. For instance, the following issues could arise:
- Infections causing thrombosis
- Problems of wound healing
- Limitations on locomotion
- Harm to the blood arteries
- Impairment of the nerves

7. Postoperative care measures after treatment
Patients may need to spend up to five days in the hospital following the treatment. Many of the patients are able to move around with walking aids quite soon after the procedure. Using a wheelchair makes sense if the pain is unbearable when moving. Usually, after six to eight weeks, legs that have been operated on can walk again without help. Physiotherapy measures are required in addition to follow-up consultations with the treating surgeon. The musculoskeletal system is meant to be balanced by these treatments.

8. Limb lengthening surgery cost in Turkey
Since the Prices depend on the lengthening amount, lengthening method and accommodation options, there is no way to provide certain prices but, 

Approximate prices are :
20k$ - 59.5k$ (usd) for LON and 
52k$ -  120k$ (usd) for PRECISE 2 methods.
For up to 17-18 cm lengthening at FixTheHeight.

9. Limb lengthening: which doctors are suitable?
An orthopedic specialist is the best medical professional for this kind of treatment. An alternative is to have a plastic surgeon help with the process. It is highly recommended that patients get in touch with a reputable leg lengthening expert. The doctor's actual experience performing the treatment is a major consideration when selecting a physician. Only the most skilled medical professionals who have performed lengthening surgery for years are affiliated with FixTheHeight.

10. Pros and cons of limb lengthening surgery
- Permanent taller you!
- Very Low risks if you are the right person
- More self confidence
- Pretty Expensive compared to other esthetical operations
- Long recovery times
- Various Scars on legs
- Intensive after care

11. How long does the rehabilitation last and when can you move freely again?
After a certain period of time for the lengthening passes, you will like what you see in the mirror as taller you! For Both methods, the interior device can stay in the bone after the lengthening process. It can be taken out with a small operation after 1-2 years from the operation if the patient asks to. However, for LON method you are expected to be in Turkey for the removal of the exterior fixator. You may have struggled a lot in the past months until the end of the process but we believe that it was worth the trouble to be the taller you for the rest of your life.

You are taller now and you might have some adaptation period to completely return to your daily activities. Being completely normal and doing soft sports can be possible after at least 3 months from the completion of lengthening. For hard and competitive sports such as bodybuilding, powerlifting, and professional basketball, it is recommended to return to them at least a year from the completion of the lengthening.

12. Who is FixTheHeight?

FixTheHeight is the branch of Hera Healthcare, which has over thirty years of experience and is ranked among the top five health tourism companies in Turkey.

FixTheHeight seeks to assist you in realizing your ambition of growing taller through limb lengthening surgery Turkey with the assistance of medical professionals who are respected, skilled, and have a strong track record of patient satisfaction.

Not only will the FixTheHeight build your plan within your budget, but it will also safeguard your patient rights, keep in touch with you, and provide ongoing support long after you've returned to your own country. In order to facilitate the entire process from your search for the ideal solution to your safe return to your home the FixTheHeight team also provides a wide range of services.