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Proper physical therapy strengthens muscles, stretches joints

Proper physical therapy strengthens muscles, stretches joints

Lengthening surgery is a surgical procedure that is usually performed by breaking and lengthening bones. After this surgery, it is important to undergo physical therapy within a certain program and in accordance with the recommendations of the specialists. Performing physical therapy in the appropriate time and at the appropriate intensity greatly affects the success of the surgery. Correct and effective physical therapy program after lengthening surgery is performed for purposes such as speeding up the patient's recovery process, reducing pain, strengthening muscles and increasing joint flexibility. For this reason, it should be applied by experts in the field within a certain program.

Poor physical therapy can cause complications during the post-operative recovery process. For example, an inadequate physical therapy program leads to muscle weakness or stiffness, joint stiffness, edema or infection. This, in turn, may adversely affect the patient's post-operative process and consequently reduce the success of the lengthening surgery. Therefore, an accurate and effective physical therapy program after lengthening surgery is important for the success of the surgery. Patients are required to follow physical therapy programs, attend physical therapy sessions regularly, and report their problems to physical therapists.

Physiotherapy has 3 benefits

The necessity of physical therapy after lengthening surgeries is an indisputable fact and it has 3 major benefits for patients:

1. Strengthening the muscles: Physical therapy can help strengthen weak muscles after surgery. This is important to speed up the healing process and increase mobility. In the post-operative period, patients cannot get up and walk immediately, it takes time for them to be able to do the things they used to do easily in their daily lives. A correct physical therapy helps patients regain this time, return to their former health, walk with their own strength, balance and regain their normal functions.

2. Increasing flexibility: Removing the stiffness in the muscles after lengthening surgeries and providing the flexibility of the joints can only be possible with physical therapy. In this way, the pain that occurs in the body is also reduced, and the body will be able to return to its old functions in a shorter time.

3. Relieve the circulatory system: The healthy functioning of the circulatory system in our body is a situation that includes many factors from our intestinal health to the formation of edema. Being in a lying position all the time causes edema and negatively affects blood circulation. A properly applied physical therapy program not only reduces edema, but also accelerates blood circulation.

Physical therapy is required after height increase

One of the most important factors affecting recovery after sensitive surgeries, such as lengthening surgeries, whose healing process takes time and cannot be returned to daily life quickly; There are factors such as keeping the morale and motivation of the patient high, the positive support of family and friends, and the correct application of physical therapy. A good physical therapy means a treatment program that is spread over a certain time by experts, taking into account the needs of the patient, session intervals are arranged, and patient compliance is ensured. Failure to apply physical therapy in the hands of experts causes the patient's morale and motivation to decrease, compliance with the treatment is interrupted, muscle and joint pain cannot be relieved and the return to daily life is delayed. Here, the most important factor of success is the implementation of a correct program in the hands of experts, then the patient's attention to the treatment instructions by strictly following this program, and the determination, determination and patience to practice the exercises that should be done at home by himself. Otherwise, recovery cannot be achieved. It is not enough to do everything correctly in terms of surgery in height lengthening, it is of great importance that the physical therapy is applied correctly, the patient's 100% compliance with the treatment in order to accelerate the recovery process, and that physical therapy is not disrupted. If he/she does all these, it is possible to return to daily life and therefore to business life in a shorter time.