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Tall men and thin women earn more in business life

Tall men and thin women earn more in business life

As in many areas of daily life, not everyone has equal chances and opportunities in the business world. When you are a candidate for a job or find a job and start working, you may face 'discrimination' practices such as gender, race, language, religion, as well as discrimination based on your physical characteristics. The fact that taller and physically better-looking people in business life find jobs in better positions, receive higher salaries, negatively affect the lives of short and physically more disadvantaged people.

Studies show that tall men earn more than short men. Because taller men have higher self-confidence, they are perceived as stronger, more authoritarian and self-confident in business life. Men taller than 'normal' earn more in the US, UK and Germany. In women, the factors that are more effective than tall are 'beauty' and 'weakness'. Prettier and thinner women are always paid more than fat and not-beautiful women. Various studies are being conducted on the perception of beauty in societies today. 

These studies reveal that there is a relationship between the appearance of people and the salary they receive. Tall, attractive, handsome men and thin, beautiful women both find work easier and earn more. Those who do not comply with cultural and social norms always lag behind other advantaged groups. Short men and fat women have to work harder to prove themselves to their managers.

Beautiful women earn 15 percent more income

The effect of appearance in business life has an important place in social psychology and economics literature. Studies generally deal with external appearance from three different perspectives. The first of these is beauty and attractiveness. According to the results of these studies, people 'exceeding the average in beauty' earn 10-15 percent more than those of average beauty. Because these people have higher self-confidence, which enables them to further develop their communication skills. The second area where appearance is addressed is obesity. 

Studies show that fat women earn less than thin women. Those who have problems with weight are perceived as less intelligent, undisciplined and low motivated, and it is believed that their work efficiency will be lower. The third area where appearance is examined is 'height'. Tall people, especially men, are perceived as authoritative, successful and high-capacity. For this reason, their employment rate is higher than short people, and this is reflected in their salaries.

30 percent of the world's population is considered short

The world population is 7.6 billion, and 30 percent of this is made up of short people. People who are between 160 cm-180 cm in height are considered normal, while people over 180 cm are considered tall. People under 160 cm are called short. 2.2 billion people in the world are short. Especially during adolescence and university years, a young person's short stature can be a laughing matter among his friends. 

From having trouble finding an outfit that will fit you well, having trouble keeping up with your tall friends, asking for help because you can't reach the top shelves, and not being able to start a healthy relationship with a tall person of the opposite sex even if you like them. When you add the jokes made about short people and even the humiliating mockery, life can be full of extra challenges for short people. However, despite all these negativities, it is also possible for short people to be very successful by breaking these prejudices with the power of intelligence, business skills and social communication in business life.