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Turkey is the shining star of the world in lengthening surgeries

Turkey is the shining star of the world in lengthening surgeries

Lengthening surgeries have become popular in Turkey in recent years and have become one of the leading countries in the world in this field. Especially in the last 5-10 years, technological developments have increased the success rate of these surgeries and made them safer. Many important factors play a role in making Turkey one of the most preferred countries in lengthening surgeries. At the beginning of these factors are the increase in the number of hospitals with international standards that provide quality and qualified health services and the quality of physicians.


Lengthening surgeries are sensitive surgical procedures that require knowledge, skills and experience. Surgical success, hospital and physician quality, ease of transportation, sufficient post-operative care services, satisfaction of other foreign patients, price, flight from all over the world, quality hotel services, quality and quality are the basis of patients' desire to have these surgeries performed in a foreign country other than their own country. Physiotherapy centers providing service, rich culinary culture, location of the country, cultural richness and climatic reasons are also effective.


Patients receive detailed health care until they fully recover


The most important factor in lengthening surgeries is that after the patient decides on this surgery, he can reach an experienced physician who has had high success in this field. Sometimes these physicians may not be in your own country, but in a country whose language you do not know or even have never seen. 

Reaching the right doctor for the patients who decide to have surgery makes it necessary to reach detailed information about the health services of that country. The most important factor that enables patients from far away countries to come to Turkey for lengthening surgery is the surgical successes gained in this field, competence, experience, knowledge and the high number of health institutions providing high quality service. 

The geographical location of Turkey is also a very important factor for patients' preference. Hospitals in Turkey are subject to strict inspections by international accreditation bodies and therefore quality health services are provided. In addition, the quality hotel services, rich culinary culture and cultural richness offered by Turkey provide a comfortable travel experience for foreign patients


Patients are provided with uninterrupted communication in their own Language


Communication problem is one of the most important difficulties that foreign patients will experience in the countries they visit. In a country where they do not speak the language, both the fears about the risk of the surgery before the surgical operation and the uneasiness of being away from their own home and country can affect the patients negatively. In order to provide effective communication and quality health care to foreign patients, different programs and opportunities should be developed than local patients. 

There are technical teams that serve foreign patients and deal with their problems in an uninterrupted manner in hospitals providing services in lengthening surgery in Turkey. These teams assist patients with services such as psychological counseling, physical therapy, translation, transportation and accommodation. Technical support is provided in a fast and effective way so that patients can reach detailed information about their own condition and ask their doctors questions.


Thanks to Turkey's cultural richness, patients are offered services on the rich culinary culture and geographical richness, and cultural tours are carried out. Apart from these, in order to prevent possible disruptions in visa procedures, hotel management, transportation and translation services, services are provided by expert teams in accordance with the instant needs and problems of foreign patients.