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FixTheHeight Package Calculator: What is it?

FixTheHeight’s package calculator is a brand new feature in the lengthening market where patients can see every piece of information they need, including the current prices of the packages that FixTheHeight provides. Just click here to open the calculator.


FixTheHeight Package Calculator: How to Use It

At first, you need to choose your gender. After that, please state the reason why you want to have this surgery. If you have inequalities on your legs, please contact us directly for a customized plan.

The next step is deciding on your method. Please choose between LON, PRECISE 2, and the quadrilateral versions of them. If you want to combine LON and PRECISE 2, please again reach us through our WhatsApp line to get a package price.

Next, please choose the number of centimeters you desire to grow. If you are from a country that uses inches rather than centimeters, please note that 1 inch equals 2.5 cm. Lastly, please choose if you want to stay in Turkey during the lengthening or not. After selecting everything on the calculator, you will see an approximate price for our packages. You can monitor our package details by clicking the blue box below and scrolling down. You will also be able to see the explanations and package details below. Please note that we can apply regular discounts to the given package prices. So make sure to reach out to us after seeing the package you are interested in.


How should I choose the method?

The working principle of both methods is the same. However, there are some differences between them, such as the possible lengthening amount, scars, comfort, device quality, and pricing. We have a lengthening methods page where you can see the differences clearly and compare all of the methods based on their pros and cons.

Please visit here for detailed information and comparisons of all the methods.


Do I have to stay in Turkey during lengthening?

Although staying close to your doctor is recommended, you do not have to stay in Turkey throughout the lengthening process. FixTheHeight offers a lengthening option where you can have the surgery done and leave Turkey after spending 5 days at the hospital without staying at a hotel.

During these 5 days, the patient is taught how to apply the lengthening via the device and physical therapy. The patient is also asked to find a physical therapist in their home country. FixTheHeight’s physical therapy team and your physical therapist must always be in touch to prevent any possible complications. Follow-ups are done with video calls with your doctor, and x-rays every 3 weeks are also required to help us follow your process closely.

For the LON method, the patient must return to Turkey to have their external device removed after the lengthening is completed.


Can I get taller without surgery?

There is no known medical way to extend your height via pills or stretching. These methods can give small and temporary results, but they have never been proven scientifically.


How can I become taller?

The answer is leg lengthening surgery in Turkey! As the FixTheHeight team, we are eager to help you get taller with our experienced hands, which have served hundreds of people who have reached their dream heights with us.

Height extension is done by opening up a gap of 1mm each day on leg bones (femur or tibia) with the help of high-tech devices. As the bone heals itself and fills these opened gaps, the lengthening is completed every day by 1mm. In 10 days, 1 cm is achieved, and so on. For example, if your aim is 8 cm (3 inches), 80 days is the total lengthening duration, and the full recovery is reached after 3 months from the lengthening process.


Is it possible to keep the surgery a secret?

Yes! We are aware that this matter is crucial to people who are insecure about their heights. FixTheHeight NEVER shares your journey without your permission and uses you for marketing and advertising. Your personal information and processes are kept hidden within the company’s database. FixTheHeight does not even blur your face, hide your name, or do anything that would bother the patient. We know that this is a very sensitive subject and should not be abused, unlike many companies in Turkey. Your SECRET is SACRED for US!