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The Experience Of The Physician Effects The Success Of The Lengthening Surgery

The Experience Of The Physician Effects The Success Of The Lengthening Surgery

Today, bone lengthening surgeries are applied in congenital short stature, single leg shortness in children and adults, very advanced leg curvature, unsuccessful fractures, treatment of bone inflammations and aesthetic lengthening treatments. While lengthening surgeries were initially applied in training and research hospitals in our country, they are now also applied in private hospitals and clinics. Choosing physicians who are knowledgeable and experienced in this field before lengthening surgeries also positively affects the success of the surgery.

In recent years, there has been an increase in lengthening surgeries, especially for aesthetic purposes. These surgeries are now performed with the opportunities provided by new technologies. Thanks to high technology, patient comfort increases even more. However, in order to get very good results, it is important that these surgeries are preferred in appropriate medical and physical conditions and experienced physicians with high knowledge and experience. In addition to the fact that the physician is experienced in the success of the surgery, the expectations of those who apply to the physician for the purpose of lengthening should also be reasonable, and they should not ask the physician to increase their height in a way that would not be suitable for their body anatomy, general health conditions, and cause health problems afterwards. The height of a healthy adult needs to be increased by at most 6-8 centimeters, further heightening can cause health problems. Physicians also need to be careful in this regard. When they see the high expectations of their patients, they should not make promises that they can increase their height at very high rates, although it is not medically possible. Apart from this, it is important that people who decide on lengthening surgery should have the mental resilience and psychological health conditions that can withstand and overcome all these, since the post-operative process can be long and difficult. In fact, sometimes getting professional psychological support can help overcome the difficulties experienced in the treatment process. Regardless of the purpose, the purpose of lengthening surgeries is to perform this procedure without causing effects that will impair the general health of the person.

It is not right to make extravagant promises to the patient

In lengthening surgeries, it is important for the patient and the physician to communicate correctly, to understand each other very well, to explain the possible risks of the surgery, the difficulties to be encountered, and the precautions to be taken against these difficulties. The patient may have very high expectations, the physician should bring these expectations of the patient to the normal level within the framework of medical realities. Some patients may want both legs to be extended simultaneously, which is not true. There should be at least one year between the extensions of the two legs. There may be patients who are not satisfied with the lengthening surgery and want a second lengthening surgery. them too

it is necessary to explain the total cost of the surgery, the time it will take to heal and the possibility of complications in the most appropriate way. The more detailed and clear this information is explained, the more accurate the patient’s understanding will be. The biggest risk in aesthetic lengthening surgeries is that a person who has not had a problem before starts to limp after aesthetic lengthening surgery, and this is an unavoidable risk. For this reason, the physician must be experienced and have the necessary knowledge and experience. There are also some risks in short stature surgeries performed to eliminate structural problems. However, these risks are expected to develop due to the presence of structural defects, and various measures can be taken to eliminate them. If we talk about the difference between surgeries performed for aesthetic purposes, here is a healthy profile of patients who suffer from short stature. Even if he does not have this surgery, he will live in a healthy way. The aim of the patient here is to be more self-confident, to get rid of the disadvantages of short neck. For this reason, more attention should be paid to the size of the height extensions to be performed in aesthetic lengthening surgeries, the patient’s high expectations should be prevented with realistic and medical approaches, and he should not lose his health due to height lengthening surgery while living in a healthy way.

Experienced physician, quality materials and patient patients are important

One of the most frequently asked questions by patients is the question of how long it will take for their height to grow. Although the lengthening time varies according to the amount of lengthening, the age of the patient and the cause of the shortness, the average duration of treatment in short cuts is around 4-6 months. This period can be reduced to 2.5 months in children with new technologies. With the new technologies used today, there is a process that is so comfortable that it cannot be compared with the old methods. Since remote extension nails are devices that are inserted into the bones, nothing is found outside. For this reason, the risks such as joint stiffness, infection, and non-healing of the bone are very low. With this remote-controlled technology, the lengthening speed is usually 1 mm per day for adults, while it can reach 2 mm per day for children. Since the controlled extension methods started to become widespread in the 2000s, they are called the extension methods of the new millennium.