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General Information

Why Should I Choose FixTheHeight?


Patient Secrecy

  • We are aware that this matter is crucial for people who are insecure about their heights. FixTheHeight NEVER shares the lengthening process without the patient's permission and we never use them for marketing or advertising. Our patient's personal information and identity are kept hidden within the company’s database. As FixTheHeight, we also do not share our patients with a blurred face or do anything that would make the patient feel uncomfortable unless there is a mutual agreement. Your SECRET is SACRED to US!


Medical Hotel and Free Space

  • We have an exclusive option for accommodation which is a specially designed 5 Star Thermal Hotel in Istanbul where you can have everything you will need throughout the process in one place including:


  • SPA Services,
  • Laundry Service,
  • 3 Meals served in your room or as open buffet,
  • Nurses and caregivers within the compound,
  • Regular bandage and dressing changes,
  • Physical Therapy Sessions,
  • Healthy thermal drink water,
  • A peaceful and safe environment,
  • Regular doctor visits and X-rays.


Personalized Treatment Plan

  • Once you start your journey, one of our patient representative will be appointed to you to help you throughout your stay and post-op follow-ups when you get back to your country.
  • Your doctor will carefully follow you every month and will prescribe medicine according to your personal needs.
  • Your Meals at the hotel will be planned carefully by our dietician and they will be personally prepared by the hotel's chef. 
  • If you ever need psychological support during the process, our psychologists will ve there to help you.


How to use the Calculator?

  • Welcome to FixTheHeight's package calculator. Start by selecting your gender and then state the reason why you want to have this surgery. The next step is to decide on your method choice.  Choose between LON, PRECISE 2, and quadrilateral. Next, please choose the number of centimeters you desire to grow. If you are from a country that uses inches rather than centimeters, you should know that 1 inch equals 2.5 cm. 


  • Lastly, please choose if you want to stay in Turkey during the lengthening or not. After selecting everything on the calculator, you will see an approximate price for our packages. You will also be able to see the explanations and package details below. Note that we can apply regular discounts to the given package prices. So make sure to reach out to us after seeing the package you are interested in.


How to Decide on the Method?

  • To learn more about the lengthening methods, please visit the link below or contact us on our WhatsApp line.


What is Quadrilateral Surgery?

  • Quadrilateral Surgery is a method of lengthening that lengthens both bones (femur and tibia) at the same time. It is only recommended for people between the ages of 20-35. Our patients “must” stay in Turkey if they prefer to have a quadrilateral surgery since all the risks and complications have a doubled chance to occur. 


Types of Quadrilateral Surgery:

  • Quadrilateral LON Surgery (up to 17 cm, in 6 months)
  • Quadrilateral Precise 2 Surgery (up to 14 cm, in 6 months)
  • Quadrilateral LON & Precise 2 Hybrid Surgery (up to 17 cm, in 6 months)